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William H. Coles is a born storyteller, in all the three parts his large cast doesn’t feel faceless. This is because, he carefully brings out each character’s traits. There’s a well crafted relationship between characters and there’s a seeding out of important issues affecting society such as, fake religion, law and religion- which actually caught my attention, love and selflessness.
The writing style is very entertaining, with dialogues and narrations seamlessly placed throughout the novel. I was never bored. However, there were a few typos in the book. By the end of the book I felt invested in the characters, and drawn to sympathize on Lucy. I came to partially understand her insecurities and self sabotage. I linked it to the hostile upbringing she was brought up with, with her tough dad, and the hostility of those around her due to her mistakes. The book was a real mind opener, and the issue on how law was used to protect religious malpractice was really interesting.
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