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The Spirit of Want by William H. Coles is a spellbinding novel that explores legal themes, romance, family, and one woman’s unconventional pursuit of happiness. Lucy MacMeil is a defense attorney, happily married to her father’s subordinate, surgeon Luke Osbourne. But when she takes up the case in defense of a charismatic and magnetic TV evangelist accused of sexually abusing a girl, everything changes. She falls in love with her client and when the evangelist loses the case, he flees to Africa, awaiting an appeal. Lucy abandons her family, her husband, and her little baby and follows the evangelist. But upon meeting him again, she discovers the man isn’t the person she believed him to be. Coming back home doesn’t put her back in the good graces of her family, so she takes a job that ends badly. Can she find a foothold and rebuild her life again.

This is a dramatic story that reflects the reality many couples experience. Lucy is a typical woman who loses her ability to think her choices through, focused on her passionate love for a man who betrays her. This is an engrossing tale with many twists. The characters are multidimensional and very complex, especially the protagonist and the TV evangelist. The author shows a great understanding of con men who hide their evil behind the veil of religion to take advantage of others. The Spirit of Want is told in a captivating voice, emotionally charged, with strong hints of a psychological thriller. William H. Coles makes it real. 5/5 Stars

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