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What I liked about this book is that the characters of Lucy’s family were developed in such a way that the reader can get an insight as to why Lucy was so desperate to be loved by Hower Bain. However, the character of Hower Bain is not fully developed. He remains an enigma not only to Lucy but to the reader as well.
I also liked the way the author treated the additional characters from Hower’ s church. I feel that the author did his research adequately on the evangelist churches and the people who attend these. Some of the people seem to be disillusioned with their preacher but cannot break away.
Although the main character in the book is Lucy, her father A.J seems to have been overdeveloped. His work issues take up too much time in the book making me want to skim over them quickly to get back to Lucy.
Notwithstanding the above , I would still give this book a 4 out of 4 stars and would recommend it as a good read. It is not the run of the mill romance but still has some romantic elements. Although fictional it has some real life situations which effectively convey the emotions of the characters.
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