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Coles demonstrates the complexity of relationships in many different ways. Marriage is not just built on love, but also on history and need. It is not always easy to guess which marriages will survive and which ones will flourish in The Spirit of Want, as the complexities go far deeper than the surface. True love can be found, but it is not always obvious and is often surprising. Relationships between family members can be strained when the adopted child feels left out, or when one is hiding a huge part of their life from the ones they love. Medical issues among the family members add to the development of both the characters and the various relationships.

It is clear that Coles has done vast research on the three major fields. The legal discussions and proceedings show the legal process at work in a very realistic manner. The descriptions of various types of medical issues and the associated care go well below what is typically seen in a novel. The complexity of big religion is stunning, yet very authentic. It is not just about faith, and sometimes, it is not about faith at all.
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