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I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I especially love it because it has genuine and complicated characters. Its plot was original and intelligent; and its numerous twists were unpredictable. The book would appeal to people who are impulsive, the easily forgiving, those with the school of thought that everything that happens to man is destiny as well as those who sees love, attraction and passion as a controlling, incapacitating emotion, that leaves the bodies of humans helpless and complacent. These groups of people would always excuse Lucy’s deeds and indeed see her as heroic since she died at the end of the book. This book might not appeal to moralists, the judgmental and the ‘not so forgiving’. For them, the character of Lucy might be too thought provoking.
On a general note, I think it is a book most people would enjoy reading. It is a memorable book and I absolutely love it.
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