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The Spirit of Want is a character-driven story that engaged me just from the beginning due to its omniscient character description, realistic and constantly guessing storyline. There is never a dull moment in the story. The multifaceted characters, changing perspectives, and diverse rituals are the prominent features of this book. The element of hypocrisy, jealousy or greed exist in almost every character at the personal or professional level. In the whole story, Lucy appears as the root cause of all troubles; but in reality, every person connected to her has his share of hypocrisy, and they feel contented with this. For instance, A.J.’s professional dishonesty, selfishness, and domestic abuse never let him become a likable person. Another arrogant character is of Hower Bain, whose greed, lust and contumacy put his venerated status to the lowest ebb. Read the entire review here…

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