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I love Coles novels because he uses descriptive writing. The type of writing style that describes people, places and events in such a way that the reader is able to create a clear image in their mind. For instance when he describes Lucy, he writes, ” Lucy had cured-leather tan skin; dark hard eyes; reddish-brown, shoulder-length hair. She was about five feat five, and her figure was thin and muscular, yet indisputably feminine, and her clothes were perfectly tailored, in contrast to Elizabeth.”
The author has also used third persona omniscient point of view which has allowed him the freedom to enlarge the readers spectrum. The reader is able to get inside the mind of multiple characters and excavate deeper into emotions and relationships. Reading through the chapters of this book I was able to see how different characters react and interpret events.
I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because the story and the characters were well developed. Topics of sexuality, love, romance and infidelity suggest a more mature audience for this dramatic novel. There is no doubt that it was professionally edited as there are no typos or errors through out the content.

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