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There are many things I like about this book. All the scenes are extremely descriptive, for one. I felt as though I was going through the events with the characters, especially during the tense scenes. When Lucy was driving under the influence, for example, I could almost feel the anxiety radiating off Luke, whose overwhelming emotions are described perfectly as he attempts and fails to get Lucy to slow down. I also find that the topics that the book discusses, such as racism, social status and how it affects one’s personal and professional opportunities, and the faults in the justice system, to be very important ones that the author did a fine job of spreading awareness about.
The thing that I love most about the book is the way that the characters are demonstrated. The book successfully presents each character’s personality, intentions, history, and development in such a way that the readers feel they have known the characters their entire life. Even though Lucy was presented as a hostile, stubborn, manipulative liar, I found myself sympathizing with her and truly understanding the motivation behind her actions. Finally, the book has clearly been professionally edited since it has no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Read the entire review here…

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