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The styles used in the creation of the novel enhanced its taste. The author uses suspense, vivid description, comedy and irony, and dialogue in creating the novel. They enhanced the taste of the novel in different ways. I was particularly moved by the comedy in the novel. I could not help but laugh at certain comical scenes in the course of the narration. Characters like Hower Bain are just comical. He is a pastor but the manner in which he goes about his preaching duties was just hilarious. He was always a recipe for comedy. The comedy broke the monotony of the narration.
Lastly, I award this novel 4 out of 4 stars. The book has a compelling and amazing content that is highly educative. The author discusses the society where the readers live in. He thus creates a connection with his readers. That was excellent. I recommend this book to all person from the human family. There is a lot about love and family to be learnt from the leading character Lucy.
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