Review by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite

The Spirit of Want by William H. Coles is a powerful story that is emotionally charged and intense, a tale with psychological depth and emotional insight. When Lucy MacMeil accepts the sleazy TV evangelist accused of rape as a client, she couldn’t imagine that this case would rock her entire world, including her profession and marriage. While working the case, the defense lawyer falls for the evangelist, but he loses the case and runs away to Africa. Unable to live without him, Lucy follows the man, abandoning her husband and family, but she is confronted with dreadful truths about the so-called man of God that will test everything she knew about him. Shaken, she packs her stuff and returns home to her husband and family. But things aren’t going to be the same for her anymore. She has to face shame, and the loss of her job and reputation. Read on to see how far desire can drive the human heart.

Here is a book that many readers will relate to, a story that plays out very often in real life. Reverend Bain is a character I don’t want to meet in real life; he seems to exude a deep-seated duplicity and a charm that overrides it, especially to gullible women. I loved him as a character and the way he is developed throughout the story. Lucy is another compelling character and one could say she is a case the author uses to explore the depth of human desire. William H. Coles creates a powerful plot, punctuated with intense and emotionally charged episodes. The writing leaps off the pages with elegance and the dialogues are intelligent, natural, and utterly entertaining. The Spirit of Want was an exciting read for me, another brilliant and realistic story from a gifted writer.