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I think this book is a wonderful read. Interesting plot, complex characters, very discussed themes, deep understanding of the human nature, unexpected turnovers- all these will make your reading unforgettable and very fast pasted.
The author masterfully examines love. This is one of my favorite subjects, so explored and yet, every time with new nuances in the way it is revealed. William H. Cole has the talent to present this feeling in so many aspects- as love towards family, friends, children, opposite sex, fame, money, career. The writer demonstrates how we all like to receive love, but not all of us like to give love; how love can be self-giving, but also can be self-centering.
I completely and totally love the book and will recommend it to everyone that loves novels with deep meaning. On my opinion The Spirit of Want absolutely deserves all 4 rating stars, so I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. Thank you, William H.Cole for the wonderful book. I hope everyone will enjoy it as I did!
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