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I was fascinated with how the author eloquently wrote about the greatest battles that we encounter most specifically, the war in our minds. Despite the fact that Lucy was very much well learned and educated, she was not able to overcome the rejection experienced from her own family. She lost herself in a whirlwind of forbidden love and being a lawyer could not really save her from herself. In the middle part of the story, I have grown to love Elizabeth. Her consistent and stable emotions helped her overcome her worst fears and weaknesses. As Lucy slowly degraded into less of a human being, Elizabeth soared like an eagle, conquered her dreams and victoriously lived her life.
This book is something that I love reading since I work in the legal field and I have family members who are in the field of medicine. I am focused on maintaining the integrity of the legal process and in doing what is just, fair and right so I was able to comprehend the depth of the lessons foretold within this story and how we could all learn from the wrong decisions made by some of the characters. There were a few grammatical errors that I noticed in some of the chapters that would not be easily noticed because such mistakes are only minor. Even so, I will rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because I was entertained and I have learned lessons that I could apply in my life as a paralegal.
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